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BPCL Kochi’s entry into Roshni was a turning point. It gave us an added radiance and helped in speedy actualisation.When Roshni team approached BPCL with the interventions proposal they offered their support in terms of financial aid 

Prasad K Panicker

Executive Director, Kochi Refinery,

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

We live in an extremely complex world where people increasingly tend to live outside their native place. This phenomenon of migration within and between the Nation’s States is transforming the world in many ways than we could decipher clearly.

However, this presents to people new challenges in terms of adjusting themselves to the new social background. Especially, this is true to the children of families that move to new places that have different languages and social practices.

Roshini presents to the world an answer to such challenges. We in Bharat Petroleum are happy to associate in this project spearheaded by Ernakulam District Administration that reaches out to hundreds of children of Inter-state labourers in the city.

Starting from the late 1990s, Kerala has become a promise land for millions of labourers from other States seeking employment. For instance, during BPCL’s Rs 16,500 Integrated Refinery Expansion Project (IREP) at Kochi Refinery 10,000s of Inter-State labourers have worked and their substantial role towards the timely completion cannot be forgotten. The Kerala community which has always relished diasporic living has welcomed the inter-State labourers wholeheartedly. However, the full inclusion of these ‘Guests and their families’ to integrate into Kerala’s fabric is a matter of great importance

It is a matter of happiness that this learning project which was launched last academic year as a pilot project is transforming over 700 children of Inter-State labour communities.

BPCL has been supporting the Roshni Project since its pilot project phase with four schools. This year, Roshni has spread out to more schools and more children. The overwhelming response reflected in the recent social audit itself is a testimony to the success of the project. We, at BPCL, are proud to be partners in this innovative endeavour as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility.

Hearty congratulations to the Ernakulam District Collector Mr K Mohammed Y Safirulla IAS for shaping and running such a globally significant project which could be emulated in any major cities especially in the light of waves of migration being felt world over. We, from BPCL, extend our best wishes and support to make this project glow brighter to greater heights and thus bring the students from labour communities at par with all and help them excel in all walks of life.

Best Wishes

Prasad K Panicker