K. Mohammed Y. Safirulla IAS

Founding Patron, Former District Collector Ernakulam

Ernakulam, being one of the fast-developing cities in the country, beckons investors, entrepreneurs and job seekers alike with opportunities. The inflow of people of all sorts to the city is on the hike especially in the past few years. A major chunk of this population comprises of the migrant labourers who come with their families from the rural areas of states near and far in search of greener meadows. The district administration has always put the welfare of them among its prime priorities. While the needs of labourers are addressed adequately, there are unpleasant reports on the poorly achieved academic expectations of their children. The same issue was discussed in adalaths for migrants on 30/07/2017 & 15/10/2017.


             ROSHNI is an innovative pilot project undertaken by the District Administration, Ernakulam with financial aid from BPCL, Kochi. Four schools in the district made the best out the project for five months in 2017 -18 .The project conceived as a socio-cultural bridge for migrant children envisages to bring down the school dropout rate of the migrant students to zero. The intervention facilitated them to acquire proficiency in Malayalam (the medium of instruction), English and Hindi. Positive changes have been noted by the students in their academic pursuits. After the successful completion of the pilot project the District Administration has extended  the intervention to 20 more schools in 2018-19 academic year.