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Assuring quality education
to migrant children

Roshni is a unique educational project for the benefit of marginalized group of migrant children in Kerala by the District Administration Ernakulam in collaboration with BPCL, Kochi. It is an academic supplement for migrant students using a mix of regional language and the targeted language in a particular way along with Video songs and pictures from their culture.
Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.

An initiative by the

District Administration Ernakulam

ROSHNI is an innovative pilot project undertaken by the District Administration, Ernakulam with financial aid from BPCL, Kochi.

Our strategic priorities

An innovotive project initiated by the District Administration Ernakulam to support children of migrant labours funded by BPCL Kochi

Our Vision

To create a society of free-thinking individuals who love and respect each other regardless of language/state/caste/gender and work for the welfare of the society they live in.

Our Mission

To help migrant children cross language and cultural barriers and identify their strength and weakness while retaining their own language and culture in order to create a better society.

Roshni has helped

reduce the dropout of migrant children in government and aided schools in Ernakulam

Ernakulam, a district in central Kerala is a much sought-after destination for migrant job seekers, businessmen and labourers from the north and north-eastern states of India.

This project is conceived as a socio-cultural bridge or migrant children envisages to bring down the school dropout rate of the migrant students to zero. The intervention facilitated them to acquire proficiency in Malayalam (the medium of instruction), English and Hindi. Positive changes have been noted by the students in their academic pursuits. After the successful completion of the pilot project the District Administration is all set to extend the intervention to 20 more schools.

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Performance Analysis of the School Students under the ROSHNI Project



Funded by Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd

The entry of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd (BPCL) into the project was a turning point. It gave ROSHNI an added radiance and helped its speedy actualization. When the ROSHNI team approached BPCL with the intervention’s proposal they offered their support in terms of financial aid without which the project would have struggled to meet its monetary requirements. Mr Prasad K. Panicker, Executive Director, BPCL Kochi Refinery was very enthusiastic to co-operate with the project and to track its progress.